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I think that eyeglass jokes just get cornea and cornea, I am over 60 and still don’t use glasses, I drink right out of the bottle. I hate having to scroll way down to find my year of birth and get frustrated when I get all dressed up and don’t see one person I know. I love what I do more than the Oilers love draft day.


General Manager

One of the happiest moments in life is when you find the courage to let go of ugly glasses.  People take different roads in seeking fulfilment, if you are not on our road to eyewear you could be lost. Heaven is under your feet and our eyewear should be on your head.



Stalking is such a strong word; I prefer intense research of an individual. My spectician process is “let’s workout really hard, then rehydrate with marguerites”. So basically my spectician process is looking good and having fun!



Women are completely defenceless until their nails dry.  I believe in changing your hair color once a week and that you’re glasses should reflect that.  The wrong glasses can make you look like a sabertooth.  If you’re Prada, you’re nada.



Some people say I am too Vogue for them, I say “strike a pose”!  I maintain that if your underwear matches your eyewear you have your life together. I am mostly nice until you annoy me.


Frame Stylist

I worry about my baby son sometimes because he never stops smiling. Washing your son’s clothes in dishwasher detergent doesn’t make you a bad mother. I love my career because choosing eye-wear is like the lottomax, very few people win but the ones that do are life changing…I can change your life.  Let me change your life.



I didn’t text you, vodka did.  Even if your pillow is your hair stylist, glasses can make you look cool.  I speak from experience.  I know lots of things and you should listen to me because I love Game of Thrones.  That’s all that matters.