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People come to us all the time looking for eyewear to go with their formal wear or to find glasses for a wedding or black tie event etc. A large majority of our clientèle who love wearing stylish eyewear in St.Albert come in with the idea that a rimless frame will be the solution to their dressy pants woos.


We often compare this to a beige unitard; we can still tell you are wearing it, it just does nothing for you. We know you just got a visual, not pretty is it? Well that’s how we feel about pairing rimless frames with your magnificent attire, we can still tell you are wearing them only they don’t not complete the look. Lucky for you, MDO has pieced together some ideas of what the heck to wear when dressed up.


Have you paid attention to what the celebrities wear on the red carpet? For the most part, if they are sporting eyewear with their gowns or tuxs, you will notice that it is bold. They go for it 100% by choosing something that balances out the drama of their look. Take a look at our choices for bold eyewear.


(Clockwise from left)

  • Celine: chunky//tortoiseshell//metal//rim
  • Binoche: black//grey//swirl//temples//gold//metal//bridge
  • L.A. Eyeworks: large//round//black//textured//white//inlay
  • Claire Goldsmith: chunky//black//blue//structured
  • Alain Mikli: uplifting//tortoiseshell//white//detail


Kate Winslet nailed this look at the 88th Annual Academy Awards 2016. She executed perfectly wearing bold eyewear with her stunning Ralph Lauren evening gown.

kate winslet 600×285


If you are the full meal deal when it comes to being eccentric and the center of attention, these looks are for you! Colour blocking stands out, it makes a statement, it’s full of character and it’s fun. Here are some colourful looks you can pair with your formal attire.


(Clockwise from bottom left)

  • Dita Eyewear: large//royal//blue//cateye//round
  • Etnia Barcelona: matte//green//vintage//round//keyhole//bridge
  • Vanni: large//rectangular//textured//wood//royal//blue
  • Derak Lam: quirky//blue//tortoiseshell//metal//detail
  • Bevel Eyewear: matte//blue//gunmetal//subtle

color 50 508×600

  • Spy Eyewear: white and black patterned horn rimmed glasses.


Bold and colourful isn’t for everyone. We understand that clients want glasses to go with their dress-up that doesn’t stand out. We always say that it doesn’t have to stand out to remain stylish. Below are ways to wear subtle frames that don’t disappear or wash you out but still enhance your features and facial tones.

subtle 1 1024×724

  • Theo: matted brown titanium frames with bright orange accents on the inside.

subtle 2 collage

  • L.A. Eyeworks: quirky and subtle hexagonal like glasses in gold.
  • Tom Ford: round and demure silver and patterned frames.
  • Dita Eyewear: shiny14k plated gold metal frames.

subtle 4 1024×681

  • Paul Smith: clear rectangular glasses with gold metal skeleton that appears through the accetate.


Last but not least. Wearing a frame with metal detail to your fancy event can quintessentially replace your jewellery. Pair it with a watch or a simple necklace, frames with metal detail is all you need to accessorize your formal wear.

metal detail 1 399×600

  • Derek Lam: rounded cat eye tortoiseshell frames with brassy gold accents

metal detail

(Clockwise from left)

  • Eyenigma: black metal horn rimmed frame with wood details.
  • Vanni: large matted slate coloured frame with colourful accents.
  • Barton Perreira: simple black cat eye frame with gold bridge and temples.
  • Dita Eyewear: tortoiseshell frame with gunmetal detailed accents and rivets.

If you still aren’t sure what do to, don’t worry you don’t have to. Come by MDO and we’ll gladly show you the way to stardom…or to the wedding at least.